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Getting Started

What file format should I submit my design in?

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For quality sake, we ask for files to be sent through to us in vector format. These file types include .EPS, .AI or .PDF. If you don’t have a vector file, we recommend 300dpi or larger in one of the following file formats .PSD, .TIF, .PNG, or .JPG. Font files, custom Pantones / brand colours, and a brand guide are also helpful to our design team and help to expedite the pre-production process.

If all of that sounds like another language to you, click the button below to talk to someone from our team about how to get started with your files.


What do I do if I don't have design files or branding materials?

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Have no fear! We have your design needs covered from start to finish. Our expert team can providing vectoring, correcting, and additional custom design development. Drop us a line to chat further about your specific needs.


Can I order different colour shirts or different style shirts with my order?

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As long as you meet the minimum order quantity of 12 units per each design. For example, in order to receive a split of both black and white shirts for your design, you would need to order 6 black shirts and 6 white shirts. The same goes for styles. Assuming the artwork provided will work for different styles.

Can I get my order sooner?

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Yes, we offer rush options of 10% per day. For example, if your order is $1000 and you need it 3 days sooner (than the standard 10 business day turnaround time), then a 3 Day Rush fee would be applied to your order, making it $1300.

How long will it take to get my shirts?

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For a basic order with no add-on services, the standard turnaround time is 10 business days (from the time of approval and payment), plus transit time. Additional add-on services like hem tags or custom inside tags will extend your turnaround time.

Want to know how long each add-on service takes? Ask a member of the Witly crew by clicking the button below.


Do orders have a per size minimum?

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Nope! As long as you're meeting our 12 unit minimum. 

Whether you're looking for a balanced size run, or would like to receive all of your order in one size, there is no restrictions to how you can apply the sizes in your order.

Ready to start an order?

How is my price determined?

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There are many factors that contribute to the final price provided. Below is a brief breakdown for how this works when considering basic decoration techniques. 

Screen Printing
Your price is determined by the shirt style you select, and how many locations and colours your design requires.

Your price is determined by the shirt style you select, and how many total stitches are needed to embroidered your artwork. Meaning, the time it takes to complete the stitch. The bigger the design, the more stitches are needed to complete.

Can I order a sample of the garment before placing a full production run?

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No problem!

Just let us know what garment samples you're looking for and we'll get a sample order started for you.

Please note that garment samples are provided without decoration. 

If I place a reorder, do I have to submit all of my art again?

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We keep everything on file in order to make things easier for you the next time around.

Printing Specifics

Can you print over zippers or pockets?

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Yes we can!

We use a few special print techniques to achieve great over the zipper prints.

What's the maximum print size?

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We can print up to 14x21 for all your oversized printing needs!

Can you print with water based or discharge inks?

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Plastisol inks are our preferred method of printing, as we find the inks are more vibrant and hold up longer over time.

If plastisol isn't your preference, let us know what your product goals are, and we'll work with you to achieve a solution that works best for your goals. 


Can you match a custom Pantone colour?

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Yup! We can match to any Solid Coated Pantone colour.

It can be tough to match the tone exactly as printing on fabric is very different to paper, but we'll get it as close as possible.

If you aren't able to provide a Pantone code with your artwork, we will find the closest match for you.

What is the difference between CMYK and Simulated Process?

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Four Colour Process printing (also known as CMYK), essentially performs the same way that your ink jet printer does, blending four colours, (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) to produce full colour images as opposed to spot colour images. Four Colour Process works best when printed on white or very light coloured shirts and does not work well on dark shirts. For full colour images on dark shirts, we recommend Simulated Process printing.

Simulated Process printing is an amped-up version of Four Colour Process. It is capable of producing very photo-realistic images with a high amount of detail. It uses traditional spot colours, and blends them in the same manner four-colour process, simulating full colour images. This process works well on both light and dark coloured garments. The ink colour count for simulated process jobs are often in the five to ten colour range, therefore making it the best process for higher quantity runs.

Can you print over seams?

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We can, but we don't suggest it, as seams can interfere with the quality of the print.

Essentially, the smoother the surface, the better.

Do you offer any specialty inks such as Glow or Neons?

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We do! Click the button below to see out speciality print services.

Can you match embroidery to a specific pantone?

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Thread colour is somewhat limited compared against what we can achieve with custom mixed inks. But we always get as close as we possibly can to the original pantone of your design!

What will give me the best results printing CMYK?

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Your CMYK design will be best translated if printed on a lighter coloured garment. We can still achieve a great print on a dark garment, but due to the nature of the process, a white or heather garment tend to perform better.


Can I order shirts that are not offered on your site?

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Yes! We can source shirts from every major supplier. Our product catalog is a collection of our most popular styles, so if you have a garment in mind that you don't see within our catalog, simply let us know and we'll find it for you. It's likely that we can find it for you!

Can I supply my own shirts?

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You can, but it's not preferred.

We're able to provide a much smoother experience when we are able to manage the all of the ordering and supplying of the garments. Plus, we have discounted rates with all major suppliers, so we can bring you the best price.

If you have a custom garment that you'd like to print on, get in touch to discuss the ins and outs of providing your own garment for production.

Are there limitations to what garments I can print DTG on?

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To print DTG or direct to garment, you must keep the garment 100% cotton. 

Shipping & Delivery

Will I get a tracking number when my order ships?

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Absolutely! We'll email you a tracking number as soon as your order ships.

Can I come pick up my shirts?

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Yes! We're always up for saving you some costs where we can.

If you're in the area, let your Witly rep know when you're able to stop by, and we'll have your product ready for your arrival.

Can you deliver my shirts if I am local?

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No problem! Let your Witly rep. know where you would like your order shipped to, and we'll see it out the door. Delivery fees will apply.

How will my order ship?

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We ship primarily with Canada Post and UPS, however you are more than welcome to provide us with the account number for your preferred carrier.


If I don't like my order, can I return them?

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Obviously, that's something neither of us want and we work very hard to ensure you get exactly what you're expecting. However, if your order doesn't match the digital mockup you approved, you are more than welcome to request a return, rerun, or refund.  

Should you have any issues with the quality of your order, reach out to your Witly rep., and we will be sure to see a solution is provided. Each order will be approached on a case by case basis.

How do I go about making payment for my order?

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Once you submit your order to your Witly rep., our design team will begin working on your high-res digital mockup for your approval. You don't owe anything until you've seen and approved your mockup.

On approval, your Witly rep. will provide you with a few options for processing payment for your order. We accept traditional payment methods such as cheque and credit as well as etransfer. 

Once payment is received, we will begin production on your order.

Click the button below to start your order!

What is the 3% under allowance policy and how does it affect the final invoice quantity?

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Our 3% under policy is to insure the right amount of shirts will be printed. As screen printing is an art and not an exact science, often times there are small errors on press, from the shirt vendor or random acts of God, However, we will always refund your card if we do not meet the required amount up to 3% under the quantity Order. If the damaged amount is greater than 3% we will reprint the goods.

How much do I have to pay to get started?

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Nothing. After you submit an order online, our art team will get started on your free hi-res digital mockup. You'll receive an email once it's done, in which you can either ask for a revision, or approve your design and pay for your order.

Once your order is approved you will be asked to pay for your shirts.

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