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About Us

We are Witly; an agency for makers.

We make physical products and digital marketing tools that matter.


To support the voices of makers that need to be heard.

To make products with purpose that put our planet first.


At Witly…
We prioritize quality over quantityIn an industry driven by unit count and volume, we see it as our duty to put quality before quantity on our priority list.

We are mindful of the materials and resources we use. Our goal is to leave our industry, and our planet, better than we found it. You are handled with care. We understand how hard it is to make something that matters.

We make better together. When we leave ego at the door, we leave it open for collaboration. By asking questions and listening, we’re able to hear how we can help. When we put people first, product finds its purpose.


Graphic Designer


Production Assistant

Oksana Bezrukova

Sales and Office Administrator


Co-Founder & Creative Director

Kieran Daly

Graphic Designer

Jerelle Fisher

Quality Control Specialist / Production Assistant

Carter Gray

Social Media Coordinator Assistant


Screen Printer / DTG Operator

Denise Mayer

Seamstress & Embroidery Operator

Maya McKeag

Screen Printer / Press Operator

Dea Restivo

Screen Printer / Press Operator

sara sandham

Social Media Manager

Sharne Schmidt

Logistics Manager

Brittany SmITH

Account Manager

Ben Wilkinson

Sales and Operations Manager

James van der Woerd


work with us

We're always looking to meet more creative individusals who are interested in making quality products.

Check out the job opportunities at our Hamilton, Ontario office.

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