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Mask Making 101 With Free Template


Since the early days of the pandemic, we have been making custom face masks for ourselves and our customers. Doing a little bit to keep people within our community safe and happy.

As our hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, was sent back into the ‘Red Zone’ of COVID-19 prevention protocol, we decided it would be a good time to share our mask pattern with you, as well as video and written instructions on how to make one for yourself!

These masks are easy to make, comfortable, and safe. Anyone with some spare fabric and a sewing machine at their disposal can make these for themselves, friends, family, and loved ones.

Download your mask template and follow along with the video or written instructions below to make your own!


  1. Trace your pattern onto card stock. You will notice there is a solid cut line and a dotted line for seam allowance.

  2. Carefully cut your pattern out on the solid line.

  3. For these masks, you’ll need 4 pattern pieces, for the left and right exterior, and the mask liner. Fold your fabric in half so the underside is facing out ward. Trace your pattern onto the fabric. You will cut both layers of fabric together to form the left and right sides of your mask pattern. Repeat for the lining fabric of your choice.

  4. Once your exterior and liner pieces are cut, cut your elastic for ear loops. For an adult pattern, use 7.5 inches of elastic. For youth, use 5.5 inches.

  5. Now we’re ready to get sewing. Start by sewing together the centre seam for both the liner and exterior pattern piece sets.

  6. Once your pattern pieces are sewn together at the mid line, turn the outer mask piece out and fit the lining pieces with it so the “nice” sides of your mask pieces are touching together. Line up the centre seams to each other, nesting the pieces together. Line up the edges of the pieces so that the corners are touching.

  7. Once all pieces of the pattern are lined up, sew along the top and bottom edges.

  8. At this point, turn the mask inside out, tugging gently where all the seams meet so the patterns lay nice and flat together. Turn the raw side edges of the mask in one half inch.

  9. Insert your ear loop elastic on the remaining opening edge, and stitch down to the side.

  10. Use thread snips to clean up any stray thread.

  11. BOOM! Your mask is ready! Stay safe!


There is only one way to get through this pandemic, and that is together! Wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, keep a small social circle, and before you know it, we'll all be together again. Until then, STAY SAFE! If you use the template, be sure to tag us if you make a mask so we can see your creations! @bywitly

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